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v0.9m - March 11th, 2020 Sticky

A topic by R. Hofmeier created Feb 28, 2020 Views: 452 Replies: 2
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Type Dreams v0.9m

Player Character & Competition Map

It ain't been pretty, but this thing's going up presently. The main difference between this and previous builds is the addition of a player character. Otherwise, it's been bug-slaying and interface tweaks. If your sign-in screen matches this image, you're up-to-date as of this writing.


• Added a "city map" to the competition screen, so players can choose the level of skill at which they'd like to compete. Would you like a gentle affair, wherein humble hunt-and-peckists are welcome to compare abilities, or would you like your ass kicked by the fastest typists ever? If you can win in Toronto, I want to see a screenshot!

• Integrated the Player-Character stuff which wasn't ready on release day. There are 21 appearances from which to choose. If there ain't one here that suits you, please send me a note, would you?

Core math revision: after encountering some rounding errors, I've upped the timescale resolution to characters-per-milisecond (from characters-per-centisecond) for more accurate calculation of both players' and npcs' words-per-minute.
13 New books! They'll come up in competition or unlock as you explore the game.
• 4 new typing locations: 
        The improved player library,
        Salt Lake City's 3rd District Courtroom,
        The University of Toronto (1888),

        the Metropolitain Society Meeting Hall in Ithaca, NY (1888).
Added a wax-cylinder victrola thing to the options menu, so players can flip thru the soundtrack.
6 New Songs for the soundtrack. 4 have lyrics and are included as typing exercises. (This is most of the diff in filesize.)
Shift+Space (or Shift+Tab) will navigate most menus in reverse.
• Players now have the choice of which row functions as their "carriage return": F1-F12, 1-0, or Q-P.
• Improved Epilepsy-Safe mode. The uhh "Colorblind" mode still sucks, sorry. 
• Added a smoke effect for typewriters which have ceased burning.
• Finished the side-panel art for all the library's genres.

• Fixed a bug which occasionally duplicated available books.
• Improved dynamic-text-resizing.
• Better snow and melting effects.
• Added little "NEW" badges for each book the player hasn't yet typed (thanks for suggesting this idea, Lucas!).
• Fixed a rotten slew of typos and glitches in the Socrates monologues (and elsewhere).
• Updated all the appropriate  "2019"s to "2020". Fuck.

• Fixed  buggy unlock graphic for "News"

• Books won't unlock after typing them in races, now; only their scripted unlock events will do that.

• Fixed ambient sound and music issues in the options menu.

• Fixed a state in the competition map which prevented escaping to the main menu.

• Fixed the recurring "stats unlocked!" notification.

• Fixed some glitched "[Thing] Unlocked" notifications.

Okay. Plus lots of little things which don't merit transcribing. I've got a spot to würk on this, so I plan to update this again soon. 
Thanks, everybody!


Go Richard! Go Richard!


great job richard!!! ^~^