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Retro Space Ball

Cosmic vertical shooter meets Pinball! · By RikOclon

game needs work

A topic by ldj101 created Feb 27, 2020 Views: 139 Replies: 4
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the ship gets stuck in the wall sometimes and can't get out


Thank you for playing and for your feedback! 

I definitely recommend downloading the Windows executable if you are on a PC. This is a problem that occurs for the WebGL build on slower computers/connections. 

Extremely sorry for the inconvenience!

it's ok, it was fun though!


:) I'm stoked that you had fun despite it getting stuck on you.

Retro Space Ball is probably not the best candidate for a browser based experience, but  I'd love to hear more feedback from you! 
I will do my best to optimize it for browser play in the future!

thank you!