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New Bot Idea

A topic by The_Khuzdul1 created Mar 25, 2017 Views: 123
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I just had an idea for a new Bot of some type! (warning: I am reffering to the design I made; don't judge me on it, it's my first attempt at making one) (Imagine that the light blue voxels are the Light Voxels) (here's the link to some images: https://twitter.com/Khuzdul11/status/845431903675039744 )

so this Bot has the Light sword Voxels on it, and uses them in defense and attack. instead of toes and fingers, it has the Light Voxels. has kick ability. so when it kicks, it causes some damage. can use it's claws/ fingers to attack, kind of like a cat? and the light voxels on its arms could be used as a blocking / deflect feature? (possible) other Mark versions could be flame voxels instead of the light ones, and a duck / dodge / roll ability? so with the dodge ability, it could duck / roll under a melee attack at it and then spring back up for an attack while the cooldown is active?

Thanks for reading!