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(free project)Looking for members for A visual novel

A topic by ConradAnime created Feb 24, 2020 Views: 196 Replies: 3
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We are a team for fun and currently we have 2writers 1 programmer and 1 artist if you are willing to join you can contact me on my mail 

We are looking for a

Bg artist

Voice actors (male)

The game is about Zodiac signs and their stories a romantic novel GxB with costumizible name for the mc .


If it is an paid gig , I would like to assist you.

Please message me on discord: rachel#0792

Or email- rachel at cisinlabs dot com


Hey, if you’re interested in translating your game from English to Spanish, send me a message :) 

email me at

I would like to help program, I sent an email 

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