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Is there a theme?

A topic by Claith created Feb 24, 2020 Views: 450 Replies: 3
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Is there anything being revealed on the day like a theme or something to make this year different to all the other years? 

From what I saw from the previous year post (, there is no theme.

They also encourage you to start from pre existing engine or game project. I started working on a turn based combat system, so I can spend the timeframe trying roguelike stuffs :)


Yea that's the nice thing about this. Not having a theme, really opens up options. I'll be using code from a Dragon Warrior base engine I made in Love2d and a condensed random room generation function I did in Pico-8. Once my first hour starts, I'm going to mash those 2 together and see what I can conceptualize out of them.

There is no theme.