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PC Building Simulator Prototype

Practice your dream build with the prototype of PC Building Simulator! · By Claudiu Kiss, The Irregular Corporation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Sticky Locked

A topic by Claudiu Kiss created Mar 23, 2017 Views: 6,751
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Q: How do I remove stuff I have installed?

A: Press F1 and change to "Unmount" mode. Click on objects to remove them from their slot.

Q: How do I install cables?

A: Press F1 and change to "Cabling" mode. Click on cable slots and select the cable you want to install in them.

Q: Why can't I install the RAM modules/CD drives/CPU?

A: They have pins or locking mechanisms you need to click to unlock.

Q: How can I help with the development of this game?

A: You can help by selecting a price for the game when downloading it or by submitting 3D models. If you want to submit your models(s) to be in the game, contact me through the Contact page on the official website.

Q: Will the game be on Steam?

A: There are plans to put the final version of the game on Steam, but the Demo version will not be.

Q: Is there a way to start the computer after you finish installing it?

A: Not in the Demo. There will be in the final game.

Q: Where can I submit my ideas or bug reports of the game?

A: Please submit any ideas/recommendations or bug reports either here or by using the official website's contact form. They really help and are very appreciated!

Q: When will the final version be out?