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Law about music

A topic by tdfrancisdotdesign created Mar 23, 2017 Views: 185 Replies: 1
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I created a game recently and I have some issue withe the music. The issue being, I am not a musician so the music came from an outside source I forget. The music free when I download it(I am not sure if it was free of right, buit it was at leastfree for noncommercial usage) and I did not found it illegally but I was wondering noneless if it was illegal to put a game on itchio with a music coming from an external sources even if I dont plan to sell the game on itchio, it willl be a free game


If the creator of the music shows up, you could be in legal hot water even if you don't sell the game. Many creators are reasonable; many are not. Is the music so integral to your game? Perhaps you can replace it with material from a safe source, such as Open Game Art or Jamendo, just to be on the safe side.