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A HUGE Load of things that I want to add Pt. 4

A topic by awaremolten created Mar 22, 2017 Views: 261 Replies: 14
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Table of Contents: Here

I've said a lot about unlocking things in different challenges, so how about I tell you what those challenges I have in mind actually are.


  • Dark Challenge - Get to titanium in total darkness when the only thing to guide you are the light coming off of the enemies, yourself, and some other stuff. Unlocks: Moonstone
  • Apocalypse Challenge - Beat 15 levels of seemingly endless enemies. Unlocks: Trishot
  • Unknown Challenge - Beat 15 levels where nothing in the arena is as it seems. Unlocks: Virus
  • Puzzle Challenge - Beat 10 levels where there are not only enemies, but also several puzzles. Unlocks: Hacked
  • Boss Challenge - Beat 5 levels of only bosses. Unlocks: LASER DINOSAUR!!
  • Pet Challenge - Reach titanium by fighting different pets. Pets also cannot be used. Unlocks: Attacker Z
  • Sun Challenge - Complete 15 levels on small platforms over boiling lava. Unlocks: Solar Powered
  • Zero Gravity Challenge - Reach titanium with no gravity. Unlocks: Void Armor
  • Analysis Bot Challenge - Reach titanium, and then fight Analysis Bot!
  • Commentatron Challenge - Reach titanium, and then fight Commentatron!
  • Emperor Challenge - Reach Titanium, and then fight Analysis Bot and Commentatron simultaneously!
  • Perfection Challenge - Reach titanium when you can not miss any attacks. If you do, you will loose a limb. Unlocks: Slow Motion
    • Idea by Analysis Bot
  • Exchange Challenge - Beat 8 hard levels without clones, but you get 2 upgrade points each round. Unlocks: Limb Exchange - Loose any limb (not the right arm) for an upgrade point.
    • Idea by Analysis Bot

-Single Player Modes

  • Free-roam - Explore a randomly generated world!
    • Filled with enemies everywhere.
      • Idea by Commentatron
  • Rouge - Explore a randomly generated dungeon!
  • Test Lab - Create your own levels and enemies!

-Multiplayer Modes - Can be played online or local

-Has special maps exclusive to Co-op Mode

  • Co-op Story - A separate story line for multiple players.
  • Co-op Endless - Endless mode, but with more than one player working together.
  • Battle - Two or more players fight it out in the arena.
  • Co-op Free-roam - Free-roam with multiple players.
  • Co-op Rouge - Rouge with multiple players.
  • Attack - Players fight in teams with AI support.
  • Connected - If one player dies, the other also falls.
    • Idea by Erhixon7

Suggest more! I will add suggestions to the list, along with credit to whoever suggested the idea.

free roam has enemies OF COURSE

I'll add this!

I like the Multiplayer Modes maybe some maps are special? or a challenge for Co op: if one if you dies, the other one dies

I'll add this!

Keyboard/Mouse challenge XD


dont make the humans fight us

What about clones of YOU?

all that stuff will take YEARS to be programed

Challange - perfection

you have to hit every attack that do.

if you will miss you will lose a limb. Unlocks:slo mo without A bow

Challange - Life for a upgrade

8 hard levels. you cannot get clones BUT you get 2 upgrade points per level.

Unlocks the ability to lose a limb for an upgrade point

I'll add it!

zombies who attack and and infect other enemies and you not zombies and zombie challenge wchicj unlicks z-virus which world like fire efekt it just turn them into zombies who it side sliced in half the Legs and torso are alice but prefer other robots and in fact them (and then you would fight the zombies YOU made and the other zombies would not be able to hurt you (also zombies have green eyes are green around the infecting wound and have no weapons)


Um... I don't mean to be mean... but I literally had no idea what you even just said. Could you type that again but with spelling and punctuation so that I can understand you?


Sigh... phone writing

xD but seriously could you write it better?