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Offer problem

A topic by Violette created Mar 22, 2017 Views: 340 Replies: 3
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I bought the game before the stickers offer and i cannot claim a pack now.

Don't need stickers but I'm bit sad...can you offer a digital wallpaper with the purchase?

Really would love a wallpaper with the full game ^_^


oh, I haven't thought of that! I'll try to add a wallpaper, let me run some tests. I will notify you when it's uploaded.

Thanks a lot!

Nice game btw ^_^

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I didn't understand how this offer works, or I did something wrong, or it ended. Anyway, thanks for the great game)

P.S. Oh, maybe at first I had to take "claim access" not "buy now". Then it was my mistake.

Sory if my English is bad