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Mac doesn´t open

A topic by CrisysZomvie created Mar 21, 2017 Views: 535 Replies: 6
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I just start downloading and when it finishes it says there´s no app to opne it


Yeah I have the same problem it says it can not be opened or something like that.


Same Problem SOMEONE HELP!!!

how did that help @misha1

When you download the game, it comes in a .rar file. Which natively, mac cannot open. So i recommend downloading "UnrarX", its a .rar unarchiver. Use this to get the folder which holds the game. Sadly though, i believe the .app in the folder is broken, as I and some other people were unable to open it. Receiving the following error message "The application "" can't be opened." Which means the creator of this game has made a faulty .app file. Hopefully if you didn't know how to unarchive .rar files on mac, now you do. and hopefully the game will be fixed because we al want to play it. :)

I opened the .rar and still couldn't play ),:

does it say something like "it cannot open this app because it was downloaded from the internet"?