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A HUGE Load of things that I want to add Pt. 1

A topic by awaremolten created Mar 21, 2017 Views: 176 Replies: 4
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Table of Contents: Here

- Sword

  • Vampire - Chopped off body parts are given back to the player if lost.
  • Bloodthirsty - Can be toggled. Uses 2 energy bars each use. Next hit makes the enemy bleed out. This "blood" acts as not-as-bad lava.
  • Shield - A shield.
  • Blade size I and II - Increases the sword's size.
  • Throwable I and II- Allows the player to throw the sword. Throwable II makes the sword come back automatically instead of the player having to go pick it up.
  • Epic - Midair strikes create a shock wave.
  • EARNED IN A CHALLENGE - Moonstone - Uses 4 energy bars. Similar to fire, but turns areas of the body into frozen, brittle stone.


  • Arrows I, II, and III - Uses arrows instead of energy, which are replenished every round. Arrows I has 5 max arrows, II has 10, III has 20.
  • Replenishing - Every bow kill gets 1 energy bar back.
  • Trapped I and II - Arrows stick inside of enemies, turning into spikes. Trapped II sticks into anything.
  • Talented - Bow can be used with one arm, but draws slower.
  • Electric - Leaves an electric tail that acts like a sword.
  • Epic - Midair strikes create a shock wave.
  • EARNED IN A CHALLENGE - Trishot - Uses 4 energy bars. Shoots three tracking arrows.


  • Shattering I and II - If this hammer collides with a sword, the sword shatters. Shattering II can also break Mark I and II hammers, but not Mark 3.
  • Sharp - Spikes on the end of the hammer.
  • Protection I, II, and III - Creates a protective plate that will be destroyed with one blow but protects the Player. Protection I is only on the back, Protection II is on the back, sides, and the back of the head, and Protection III covers the front as well as all of the other things listed.
  • Momentum - Side hits have greater force.
  • Ground Pound - Hitting the ground has a chance to knock over enemies. Bigger enemies are less likely to fall over.
  • Epic - Midair strikes create a shock wave.
  • EARNED IN A CHALLENGE - Virus - Uses 4 energy bars. If the next enemy killed is hit in the head, they run over to the nearest enemy and explode. If the next enemy is hit in the torso, their head pops off and shoots 10 lasers at the nearest enemy.

-[NEW] Staff - Has a variety of magical spells. Has its own mana bar. First starter spell uses throwing rocks. Requires no mana. The staff can also be used as a small hammer, that isn't as effective.

  • (Upgrade) Mana Capacity - Increases maximum mana.
  • (Upgrade) Mana Regeneration - Increases the rate of which mana generates.
  • (Upgrade) Spell Speed - Decreases the amount of time the staff takes to cool down.
  • (Spell) Blue Fire - Turns all fire into blue fire, and all lava into blue lava. These can be touched by the player and any Mark 1 enemies, but anything else will get hurt by the fire or lava.
  • (Spell) Reverse - All present arrows reverse in direction.
  • (Spell) Trapper - All spikes and jets in the arena fire and all saws stop, turn horizontal, and grow large to catch any enemies around them.
  • (Spell) Mind Control - The player shoots a ball at the crowd. Whoever it hits pulls out a sword and helps the player fight. When the round is over, they get taken away by Garbage Bots.
  • (Spell) Mega Sword - A 1 use sword that turns an enemy into flaming goo.
  • (Spell) Mega Bow - A 1 use bow that cannot be deflected, and when it hits and enemy, it flies up and then down with the enemy, and creates a decent sized explosion.
  • (Spell) Mega Hammer - A 5 use hammer that destroys all terrain around it's impact area, creating a hole.
  • (Spell) Epic - Create a shock wave.
  • (Spell) EARNED IN A CHALLENGE - Hacked - Time freezes. The player attacks an enemy and goes into it's hard drive. Inside there are two versions of whatever is being hacked and a door. Once the guards are killed, the door opens, revealing the CPU. The player attacks the CPU and gets moved back into the battlefield where they were when the spell was used. The hacked enemy is now fighting for the player.

-[NEW] Multitool - First appears as a stick. Can be swung. More useful when upgraded and can turn into a variety of weapons.

  • (Weapon) Dagger - Like a sword with a small blade. Movement speed is increased when held.
  • (Dagger Upgrade) Assassin - Faster movement speed and can also stab which cannot be deflected by swords.
  • (Weapon) Spear - Long and stabs. Cannot swing.
  • (Spear Upgrade) Throwing Spear - The player can throw the spear, but must retrieve it or use 1 energy bar to get it back.
  • (Weapon) Gun - A pistol with a long reload with almost instant bullet. Can only be deflected by hammers.
  • (Gun Upgrade) Shotgun - Same reload speed but shoots 5 bullets each shot. One of the bullets always is accurate. If the player also has Sniper, they can switch between the two.
  • (Gun Upgrade) Sniper - Instant bullet and has a scope. If the player also has Shotgun, they can switch between the two.
  • (Sniper Upgrade) Epic - Midair strikes with no scope used creates a shock wave.
  • (Weapon) EARNED IN A CHALLENGE - LASER DINOSAUR!! - The player turns into a giant dinosaur with two laser-shooting chain guns for 7 seconds. They are unaffected by anything except a hammer to the legs. This will reverse the effect and turn the player into a normal player.

-[NEW] Pets - Pets give the player abilities that they would not have without the pet. When Pets is upgraded to, a small dog house-looking structure will appear in the upgrade room. One pet can be out at a time. Pets are given to the player with upgrade points in the dog house.

  • Attacker I - A fierce lion that attacks all enemies.
  • Attacker II - A large bird that picks up enemies and slams them into others.
  • Attacker III - A giant dragon that comes in rarely when the player needs assistance to swallow several enemies in one blow.
  • Repair Bot - If the player lost a body part, the Repair Bot will start rebuilding the player on command. If the process is interrupted by an enemy, the Repair Bot will start over. The player can be repaired once per round.
  • Baby Upgrade Bot - This one is for convenience. If the player beats a round, rather than going to the elevator they can use Baby Upgrade Bot. Once finished Baby Upgrade Bot will turn the screen black for a second, revealing the next level. The player is at the elevator and the next round starts.
  • Robo-Army I, II, III, IV, and V- The Robo-Army is several smaller robots colored the same way as the player. They are not very strong, either. Robo-Army I has 3 troops, Army II has 5 troops, III has 10 troops, IV has 15, and V has 20.
  • Kick-a-tron - A pair of legs with a wheel of legs on top. Will run towards enemies trying to kick them into hazards.
  • (Upgrade) Epic - If the player has no clones left and their used pet is an Attacker, they will become the Attacker.
  • EARNED IN A CHALLENGE - Attacker Z - Cannot be controlled because the player has a lack of clones. A very large robot that doesn't attack, just stomps on robots. It is vulnerable during this stage. Then after a while it will unleash its fury. It will shoot a beam of light for 15 seconds that destroys all enemies. Its tracking moves slow, however, so it is easy to dodge.


  • Armor Types - Opens a cosmetic store that whatever is bought there stays with the player, even in different rounds. Upgrade points are used there. The store will sell different looks for your robot, along with different colors.
  • Speed I and II - Increases the speed of the player.
  • Jump I and II - Increases the jump height of the player.
  • Roll - The player can do a roll, which knocks over enemies.
  • Epic - Landing on an enemy from a large height kills the enemy.
  • EARNED IN A CHALLENGE - Solar Powered - All enemies near the player turn into a flaming circle. Enemies who step in this circle catch on fire.

That's a lot! Tell me your thoughts. If you want me to add anything, I'll add it to the list with credit to you.



its so sad that it will take a lot of work. there is about 2% that this will happen

:( True.