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Turret enemy!

A topic by awaremolten created Mar 21, 2017 Views: 102 Replies: 2
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The idea of the turret enemy is that it will stay in one place and shoot at you. They usually spawn on high ground, where Archers would stand. Here are the different Marks.

Mark 1 Turret - Two bows that shoot at the player.

Mark 2 Turret - Shotgun with long reload but large spread.

Mark 3 Turret - Machine gun with high accuracy. Fires in quick rounds of 10.

Mark 4 Turret - Tracking missile! Will stop tracking after 5 seconds.

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How about an Inanimate turret, that requires a robot to aim and shoot it? You have to kill the one aiming it, and then you can start shooting it!

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Or an upgrade that allows the player to take control of one of the turrets!