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Body Part Stealing Upgrade Idea!

A topic by awaremolten created Mar 21, 2017 Views: 191 Replies: 11
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This upgrade will allow the player to regain lost body parts, such as a leg or arm if they were lost in battle. There will be five levels to this upgrade.

  1. The first level of this upgrade will make it so the player can take any severed body parts from the enemies and replace them with their own. The body parts cannot be attached to the torso of the enemy and the player has to have lost the body part that he/she wants. This process is not instant and takes time. If the player is attacked while doing this then they have to start over. If two different sizes of body parts are used then some negative effects become present.
  2. The second level is the same as the previous but with some differences. Body parts can be replaced with already existing ones, and the process is faster. Certain body parts will provide different effects to the player.
  3. This upgrade comes after the second. The player will have the ability to steal weapons from fallen enemies. If the item stolen is already upgraded to, then the player can keep it. If it isn't researched, the item will disappear after the battle. E.g. the player has the sword researched and kills a Mark 4 Swordsman. They can keep the weapon but will loose it if they need a clone used. If the player has the sword researched, but doesn't have the hammer researched and kills a Hammer Bot, they loose the hammer after the battle.
  4. This upgrade also comes after the second upgrade. If the player has more than 50% of their body parts (leg, leg, arm, arm, head. The torso doesn't count as a body part) as an enemy's, then the player can pretend to be one of the enemies. If the player attacks or kills an enemy and another enemy sees it, that enemy will sound a horn and alert the others. The player's identity will be revealed for the rest of the round.
  5. This upgrade will come after the disguising upgrade (#4). With this upgrade, when the player gets spotted and the player has enemies after them, any enemies that look similar to the player can be confused with the player. There is a chance that the enemies will accidentally go after the similar looking enemy rather than the player.
  6. This upgrade would come after #3. If the player was killed because of a loss of body part such as a head or legs, they could steal some from fallen enemies. Then they could put the missing body part back on the corpse, and if the new corpse survives for the entire round, then the Trash Bots bring it to the elevator and it goes in as a Makeshift Clone.

I know this was a lot of reading but thank you! This took a while to write. I hope this gets added!

maybe even armor from the torso to make you look 100% like the enemy and the torso armor should be considered a bodypart and not just 50% but 100% other than that COOL

But in the actual game, if your head is detached from your torso, you die.

cough this is optional removal not CUT OF removal of the head.. if they hit you though... youre screwed


after all, you also die if you lose your right hand :/

same like the head

Name ideas:

Bodypart stealing



I'll go with "Body Part Stealing".

this will make the humans stronger and better. that means more robots killed. that means MORE ENTERTIMENT FOR US

As long as you're happy...

I prefer to call it Stolen Parts