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Tips for Creator

A topic by iRoby_YT created Mar 20, 2017 Views: 299 Replies: 4
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- Put CD's in the game with operating systems, to install them!

- Fix bugs

- Add career

- When you finish the computer please make it boot.

- On career please make people that wants you to make them a PC.

oor add Chalange mode, where you have ot build different PC`s and the hardest one will be the NASA super computer one

Yeah, he should be adding that.

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will not be this difficult because almost every pc is build the same. in real life there is a huge difference in cases but it doesnt really matter in the game because stuff still goes where it belongs. so the nasa super computer (which is a server not a Personal Computer) would still have a mainboard, cpu('s), lots of RAM and maybe a graphicscard.

what could it make difficult would be if he added screws and wiring to the game. which is not aviable now

I have the most excellent idea that will possibly make the Computer Parts companies be very very interested in FUNDING your game and development, because:

A) You can have the design teams of every company (Nvidia, Intel, AMD, Asus, MSI, etc...) send you the ready 3D design models of every computer component they sell to add to your inventory.

B) they would be interested in funding your development because it can act as product advertisement because people can mock-up their builds with your game and make purchases more efficiently which in the eyes of the companies, helps with profits $$$.

C)Or you can have the biggest computer part stores/websites help fund that, since they will be selling the products. For Example, customer goes to Newegg.com, and their site says "use this game to build your PC virtually realistic before buying. Then the customer selects all the parts and builds their PC, Once they like the way it looks from the parts they added, they hit Buy and get all the parts and they are happy they know EXACTLY how it will look when they receive it the parts. THIS helps lower the risk of having to return items because it wasnt compatible or wouldn't fit (For example GPU is too big for medium cases..etc). And if websites see that A LOT less returns come in, that less processing and shipping labels, restocking, etc.. SAVES TONS OF MONEY, HENCE IF COMPANY SAVES MONEY, THEN YOU AND YOUR GAME MAKES MONEY or whatever way you agree upon profiting.

There are endless possibilites if you get the manufacturers and retailers interested in your game, as they can seriously benefit form it, so can you and SO CAN WE, THE CONSUMERS. NOW TELL ME THAT ISN"T A GREAT FUCKING IDEA!

Your Welcome,

Your Friendly Neighborhood Tech Enthusiast/Awesomist,

Moses ;)