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First Impressions and Feedback - A Video Response

A topic by EarlyAccessGamer created Mar 20, 2017 Views: 255 Replies: 3
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I played your game and I thought it was pretty rad. A lot of room for improvement though and some areas could be cut back on. Watch the response here:

I'm going to be honnest about your review.

For the first its awesome really like the way you tell about it but there are some misstakes in it.

I'm myself a expert gamer and can tell you that this game is a Rust game. If I didnt know Rust I called it a Minecraft Clone aswell.

The only sad part of this game is that the game is not original. Its made out of a Unity Asset what isnt in store anymore. I have participated in making the asset and I don't like to see someone using it and claiming he made it all himself when he didnt made any changes.

So to be clear on that part is this game:

Not Original
There are no changes made in comparison to the Unity Asset
The owner claims that he made it all himself (What he didnt do because I have been developing this Asset with a team for the Unity Asset Store)

Thats my review!

hahaha, it's funny that you say that. When I was editing it I realised I said minecraft instead of rust and had to cut heaps of stuff out to make it make sense. I would have just re-recorded it but it was already my second attempt and I was over it.

It's a shame that your asset was stolen in this way :(

Yeah it is a shame if there where made changes I didn't made a problem about it.

We from Sweet Productions also upload games on we didn't made but this is to promote the asset and game ddevelopers. We also tell about that in the description than.

Our Hunted game is a original game made with a asset we made around half 2015 for the Unity store with the purpose people could learn making a own low poly survival game like Unturned.

Because we didn't had the time to update it anymore we took it offline but now early 2017 we decided to create a real game of it.