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Version 1.10 Sticky

A topic by Shmellyorc created 153 days ago Views: 60 Replies: 6
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[Fix] Fixed text trails from the text box.

[Fix] Deck builder select the wrong card and would cause a crash.

[Fix] Deck and card selection was selecting the wrong entries.

[Fix] Deck card index incorrect and could cause a client crash.

[Fix] When creating an account, it will send you back the login screen.

[Change] When creating a new character, you cannot put all points into one stat.

[New] Deck builder can sort items based on quality.

[New] Inventory can sort items based on item type.

[New] Main menu has been rehauled with a new style.

[New] Inventory and card information will not be displayed at the bottom of the window. Instead hold your mouse over an item will display information about a card or item.

[Removed] Removed chat from the game play screen.

Ever since I've updated swapping between menus (Login screen, main menu, etc) causes my game to not respond and occasionally crash.

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Hmm, I'll look into demon.

Does this happen on game startup? For example, you log in, and it hangs and crashes?

OR when you login, go to other menus, log out, and log back in?

Lastly, make sure your computer can support opengl 3.0 or higher and use the itch.io launcher to keep the game up to date. Slashy dwarf is constantly being updated for fixes and changes.

After I login the freeze lag will start to occur. It doesn't always crash but it does hang for quite some time.

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Are you using the latest version? In the past I was loading all characters at once but changed that in version 1.08. Please use the itch.io launcher to keep the game up to date since I roll out hotfixes and bugs fixes constantly.

Lastly Can you give your pc specs? Video card, cpu, ram, Os.

I use the most recent version. Here's some specs:

  • Windows 10, 64 bit
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Intel Celeron CPU N2840 @ 2.16 GHz
  • I've got some built-in onboard graphics I can't identify for ya'.

Sorry. If the graphics card is an intel HD 3000 or intel based graphics card, you may run into some issues. I plan on updating the system requirements for the game.