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Does My Game's Villain's Base Look Good?

A topic by Snipper Joey created Mar 17, 2017 Views: 256 Replies: 3
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I just made what would be the main base of the bad guy of my game. My idea was that he found some ancient, abandoned, deteriorated castle and thus decided to build his secret research lab in it's foundation. Does it look good? Is there anything I should add/change/remove?


I think the design is interesting.

However I wouldn't say it is "secret" ;) Maybe make the modern elements more subtle ?

What kind of game is it for ? fun ? caricatural ? serious ?

Well, by secret I kinda meant secluded. It's far away from society and thus most people don't notice or care about it. The game is cartoony and cheerful kinda like a Kirby game.

Then I guess it fits the purpose :) just try to add a few things to break the grass pattern a little and maybe put just a little more emphasis on the old building.