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A topic by BelindaTesiGames created Feb 12, 2020 Views: 71 Replies: 5
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Hello, Belinda here, the developer of StampFense 馃憢

You have played my game? Then I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts about the game. Just write me here what you think about the game.

Thank you very much for playing my game 馃槏


Hello, i really enjoyed this game and i would like to add some ideas, i find the money tower a bit wanky so maybe a passive type of money generator too or something that boosts your ingame coins or upgrade coins passively by so much % every upgrade it has, also maybe some type of sniper tower which does extre damage but loads slowly?


Thank you very much for your feedback! I will change the Gold Tower until the next update. I really like the idea of passive income! 

And the idea with the Sniper Tower is also great! But I don't know yet if and when I will implement it.  Maybe I will adjust one of the existing towers to a sniper tower.


Yes, that sounds really good, altho with active and passive money towers it would be very original, also maybe you could add the feature to get different upgrade paths further along the upgrades and maybe some kind of infinity mode, but with slower easier waves so you can either farm coins more effectively or try out all the different towers.

Now i tried to play it on my mobile phone but it doesn't work, the screen is in a standing pose and not the laying pose and so i cannot select any levels 


Yeah, via you can't really play the game on your mobile phone. Unfortunately I can't change that myself, because it's the website. But in the next weeks I will release the game first for Android and then for iOS.