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Eatvolve is a playful eat-em-up evolution game. · By papadar

Will it be perfect?

A topic by ixix234567 created Feb 12, 2020 Views: 258 Replies: 8
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Thank you! I am working to improve Eatvolve.
I can't promise perfect but it will be much better :D


How come on my PC it came up asking which account to wipe?


that sounds strange? can you send a screen shot?

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It was some years ago now so I can't. I think it said something like 'select which (something I can't remember) to wipe' and my username for my log in (not my profile username) was selected in a drop down menu. I did have some malware on that computer at times so maybe the malware disguised itself as Eatvolve. It also happened to my friend as well though but I can't remember if he had malware. He was downloading some things I downloaded and I know malware can stay after being uninstalled. We used Malwarebytes and we were told by the IT manager to quarantine whatever bad thing Malwarebytes found.


thanks for the encouragement,  I wish i could work full time on it!

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I was playing this game a few years ago when it was in beta or something, i donated and everything. Back then i had a Windows laptop and now i have a mac. Just wondering if the dev version can be used on mac seeing as it is a zip?

Also Aussie :)))


hiya! Dev version is a zip as i have moved to Game maker Studio 2,
while Eatvolve runs fine on a mac, the process to sign a build for distribution outside of the mac app store is quite arduous!
I'm sorry but i've decided not to go through this for the time being until Eatvolve is complete.