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Itch app download speed - slow

A topic by HCK_Productions created Mar 16, 2017 Views: 515 Replies: 9
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After downloading the itch app on the computer to help keep track of all the games and keep them updated i realised that the speed of downloading is only 5-15kb/s what is really slow. I can download games from chrome within a few seconds and complete them before the app even downloads anything.

Anyways, the question is, how can i speed this up, raise the km/s to at least 1000km/s (aka 1mb/s) or higher?

If i can't adjust this, what is the point of this app anyways if the downloads (and possibly the uploads) are very slow?

so yeah, that's my question... and complaint so, Thanks in advance.



The app downloads from the same server that the browser downloads from. Are you sure there's nothing about your connection that has changed?


Further questions: are you running the app on Windows? Is there any unusual CPU usage going on while the app is downloading? Windows 10 ships with anti-malware mechanisms that slow down all apps by default :( (But it doesn't usually impact download speed, 15kb/s is *really* slow and nothing the app does explains that).

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my download speed is at average 800km/s (up to about 1.5mb/s) so it's not my connection. I am running on Windows 10, I get these malware notes all the time so I know how that's done (I got a anti-malware / anti-virus software as well) but not sure if its the cause of this download speed being very slow. I am not a computer expert but my computer does well downloading most things, for example, I can download a 4.5GB game within 4/5 hours on steam.

Hope this helps,


i seam to have the same problem and i don't know what to do

Hey, If it doesn't work, just use Chrome (or any other) to download the app you want, that's what I do, it's a lot faster.

Admin (Edited 1 time)

@HCK Productions: 

1) do you see the reduced download speeds for:

  • Games you purchased
  • Free games

or both?

2) also, what antivirus/anti-malware software do you have on your computer?

Both types, And Bitdefender Software.

I also have to admit that I haven't really used the App in a while except to check for updates with apps I follow or to see if there is any others to follow XD


If you can reproduce it easily, could you upload a screenshot of the type of "malware notices" you get all the time? I'm curious what they look like.

Hey, the apps download, Malware notices never popped up before, the only time my Protection popped was when I was installing the app and that was only to clarify the installation.

Sorry for the misunderstanding XD