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PC Building Simulator Demo

Practice your dream build with the demo of PC Building Simulator! · By Claudiu Kiss, The Irregular Corporation

Hello can you make tutorial how to install PC Building Simulator ?

A topic by Cemperino created Mar 16, 2017 Views: 718 Replies: 2
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i have some issue because i cant start game or something i dont know when i unzip the file then i click on PC Building Simulator.exe

there is error (There should be 'PC Building Simulator_Data' folder next to the executable) i dont really know what to do

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Maybe you pull out just file .exe like, just the game :)

You need to unzip all file (there are 2 of them) in one folder

1. Crate a folder ( name as you wish)

2. Pull files in that folder (there are 2 file, PC Building Simulator_Data and PC Building Simulator.exe)

3. Play the game, have fun :)

I hope this will gonna help you :)

Wow thanks :) it works