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PC Building Simulator Demo

Practice your dream build with the demo of PC Building Simulator! · By Claudiu Kiss, The Irregular Corporation

Hello i'm have a problem with PC Building simulator.

A topic by DuduRO created Mar 16, 2017 Views: 3,170 Replies: 7
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I'm can't play this game.. I'm have Windows 7 Ultimate SP 1 32 BIT.. and give me this error

Any solve?


Yes, I will release a 32bit version later today and then you will be able to play.

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YEEEEEP Love this game. If you relase can leave a link here? HI FROM ROMANIA

McINTRYE I have win10 and 64bit edition and 7zip and dont work give me a error PLEASE HELP.

Incearca sa folosesti Winrar

Try to use winrar for unzip this file,

Da acuma îmi merge și mie fără winrar

Hi. I have a problem too. i cant run pc buildin sim on my xbox one s it crashes ive tryed turning wifi on and unpluging my keyboard it wont run atall

crashes everytime i lunch the game 64 bit