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PC Building Simulator Demo

Practice your dream build with the demo of PC Building Simulator! · By Claudiu Kiss, The Irregular Corporation

I played your game for my YouTube channel

A topic by EarlyAccessGamer created Mar 16, 2017 Views: 2,797 Replies: 9
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I really enjoyed playing your game. I was impressed by the depth of information offered around each component and also the realism. Not quite a game yet, this is already an awesome tool for learning about the parts of a PC and how they go together.


Hey! This is awesome, thank you for doing this. And you are right, at the moment it's in very early development and it's more of a tool than a game. I wanted the free demo to be a tutorial on building computers so everyone can play it and see that it's not that hard, without buying the game. I will post an update after the bugs are sorted out and then move on to work on the actual game.

No worries man :) I look forward to updates and I'll definitely make another video once there is more content.

Hello I just seen this on PCMAG and im trying to play it but im having a hard time getting it to launch after i unzip the archive it says There should be 'PC Building Simulator_Data'

folder next to the executable. i must be doing something wrong can u help me?


Is it possible you downloaded the Linux version instead? Otherwise, what program are you using to unzip? I recommend 7zip.

Deleted post

McINTYRE, getting a lot of queries similar to this now. It might be an idea to pin the installation instructions so they are easier to find.

The folder contents should look like this:

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If it doesn't you should try downloading it again using the other download link.

I made another video where I speedrun :D

4:04, that's my time(With wiring and all that)

I reckon you can do it in half the time :D