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All Things Wicked Game Jam - Act I

A topic by Druidokva created 12 days ago Views: 108 Replies: 1
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Hey, I'm Druidokva, game developer and big fan of dark and gothic games (Silent Hill 2, Dark Souls, Darkest Dungeon, Victor Vran etc ) and movies. (Solomon Kane, Van Helsing, Underworld, Queen of the Damned etc.)
I'm promoting 13 day long game jam that i've launched for purpose to gather together like-minded people who would like to challenge themselves creating atmospheric games that lean towards dark fantasy, Victorian Gothic, Pagan Lore, Lovecraftian Lore and such.I hope it will take off and will become reoccuring event.
You're welcome to join if you like vampires, witches, demons etc. or any other kinds of wicked creatures in general are your cup of tea.

Jam Page :

Discord :

Update: decided to add symbolic prize for a first place winner - Mistery Steam Game Key