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Ashes of Equestria

An open-world RPG based on Kkat's 'Fallout: Equestria' · By The Overmare Studios

Won't download

A topic by TheRainwildsKeeper created Mar 14, 2017 Views: 1,279 Replies: 3
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See this post.

I find the download won't work if the game has been set to "disable all payments". Turning payments on (even if the default is $0.00) means the download works. Not sure if there's anything you can do as a user, however.

Please, apply this workaround. Dunno about others, but the issue is definitely happening to me - neither the site nor the app will download the game.


Because it's a link to a page rather than a direct download, it appears as a pop-up that you may have to manually allow. "Disable all payments" has never been on, though this likely doesn't matter as we don't have any payment providers set up. This may change soon if we decide to allow donations.

Anyway, you can always download from our website if the links here aren't working for some reason.

The pop-up appears, but nothing happens. And desktop app also doesn't seem to be able to download the game.

I know, just would be more convenient for me to download the game this way. Thanks for the reply anyways.

I can't seem to download it either.