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Ideas for new weapons (and enemies)

A topic by NOOB es created Mar 12, 2017 Views: 116 Replies: 3
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first of all : I'm from Argentina and I'm in the google translator :V

1_A robot with two swords or crossbow and also with axes

2_Animals and mythological beings:Like a centaur, lions or things like that

3_Bosses every 10 rounds:Bosses like ogres (robots), a giant snake (obviously robot) and more

aaaaaaaaaaaaand... 4_To improve sword and armor please to improve :D

Cool suggestions!

I can see a snake enemy being interesting... Could be fun if you can cut parts off it, and it somehow survives being cut apart.

do you mean instead of a snake it's a centipede?like the one from that old centipede game?that survives getting cut off


What if you have to damage the snake's head or tail, because striking the body would make it split in two snakes, and if you cut those in half you get four etc., like Centipede or Eater of Worlds.