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Let's get rockin' [Programmer]

A topic by chaosbread created Mar 11, 2017 Views: 478 Replies: 15
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Greetings all! First time poster, long time gamer and aspiring game developer.

So like so many of us, I grew up playing games like it was going out of style. Naturally, I found myself one day wishing I could make games as well. "What amazing games I could make!" I would say to myself with childish awe. I spent many a day toiling away with my BASIC/assembly programming book, studying printouts of 3D matrix rotations, quaternion rotations, vga programming, and eventually graduating to things like C++ Win32/DirectX programming. I was one of the first people to jump on Game Maker when it released and continually keep my ear to the ground in pursuit of other good game engines to use. I love learning this stuff.

So now, all of these years later, I find myself wanting to graduate from casual hobby to something more. I think I have a good grasp of the programming aspect of things and would love to see my gameplay concepts (of which there are many) realized, but for now I wish to simply tag along and help other people make their dreams come true, gathering essential experience along the way.

Since I'm new to this scene, I know the drill. Current work will be pro bono, and I'm a pretty considerate and chill guy overall. I'm also really no nonsense, but will be a real joker at times too. I think fun is just as important as getting things done, ya know?

Anyways, thanks to anyone who read this, and I look forward to working with you soon!


Hi! Thanks for an inspiring post! Congratulations on your progress and goals thus far and for articulating them so well. I'm a musician/composer and also "keeping my ear to the ground" for projects. I'd love to network with you (whatever that means--I guess share ideas about projects and/or how to move forward). Would you be interested in talking more? Perhaps via email or something?

Here's a sample of my work:


Hi chaosbread!

I'm far from proffesional, but I have done gamedev for about 2 years with both Game maker:Studio and Unity (witch I has mostly used the past year). If you have any questions about Unity or just want to talk gamedev, feel free to contact me! :)
Any place to chat work for me (as long as it's something I use).


Thank you both for replying! Glad to see a warm reception on here so far.

I would be more than happy to start talking shop about things and start getting a feel for how things go around here with actual development. While I have the passion for game development, I am sorry to say that I am lacking in the group experience department.

Looking at the music and games between you two, I'm already seeing a lot of things I could instantly learn and pick up on. I would love to have a conversation of some variety with each of you to see where I can fit into things. I find discord can be useful for prolonged dialogues, but I can get email rolling too. I'm not seeing a PM system on this site though, but maybe I'm blind.

Cool thanks Chaosbread! Discord seems like a great idea...I'll try to set one up tomorrow. Thanks for checking out our work...I think you're right that there's not a private messaging system on this site. Greetings ZPeedTube!


I have not done much of any group projects, only worked with a few that have made some music, otherwise I have done everything myself.
Discord works for me too! Have not seen any PM here either.

Greetings to you too Peter! :)

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2nd Attempt: Here's a link to a discord server I created for us (hopefully this time it works):


"The instant invite is invalid or has expired." It says when I try to join.

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Ok sorry about that...I (hopefully) corrected the settings and the link above should work now.


You need to give a new link, the old one wont work since it has expired.

Sorry about weird, thought I eliminated all time restrictions and re-posted the corrected link (I think); either way, discord usually works like a charm, maybe I'm screwing something up really obvious...anyhow, I just contacted Chaosbread through their site in the comments below. Looking forward to brainstorming with you guys.


Hey guys, looks like the discord thing isn't working out due to timing. If you send me your email through, I can get in touch with you. I sent you a message via your personal website as well, Peter so you should have my email now.

OK, thanks just sent you a message through your contact form. :)


Hey there guys!

Obviously I don't have anything on my page/website/whatever it's called here (Literally created an account to reply to this thread), but I thought I'd just throw myself out there and say if you need another programmer/general purpose team member, count me in. Been looking for a group to do some dev work with, and it sounds like everyone here is already meshing super well. I am currently a software developer intern at a company in my hometown (for obvious reasons, won't be saying that here) and a Computer Science major. If y'all have room for another aspiring dev, give me a shout!

Hy Cych! Thanks for your response; it's great that you have experience interning for a software developer! Go ahead and send a message to Chaosbread at the link above (the "phonetic light" one), who has started a chat session in Discord.

I did, thanks for the heads up!