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A topic by Yukon W. created Feb 02, 2020 Views: 846 Replies: 9
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Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if this jam was just for rogue-likes, or are rogue-lites also allowed? I'm a sucker for Nuclear Throne and games in that vain, so I would love to do this jam if I could make a game with a similar amount of rogue as those games haha.

Thanks! c:


so called roguelites are allowed. But rouge-lites are not.

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whats the difference between a rougelite and rouge-lite


If Roguelites as a genre name is bad enough, there is Rogue-lites?

so basically, roguelites are allowed?

Can you please clarify that this is humour. :D

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I believe rouge-lites/rougelites are games that have a light red hue. If your roguelike (or roguelite) is based on these colors, it's welcome into the challenge.


♫ Rox-Angband, you don't have to turn on the rogue-lite. ♫

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Rogue-lites are allowed. Many of them have been submitted in previous years, some even ranking highly. You have a higher chance of scoring low on "roguelikeness" if you do though, which is one of the rating categories.

A straight answer, thanks WraithGlade :)