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Anime background (Commissions are open)

A topic by Fuyunokawa created Mar 10, 2017 Views: 589
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Hey all! I'm Fuyunokawa, background artist. Now I'm looking for an employer you probably would like to be.

Here's my price list:
1) Easy background - 20-25$
2) Usual background - 50-60$
3) Some variation in weather, camera angle, day time etc - 7-20$
The price depends on how hard the background you'd like is.

The only way to commission my arts is PayPal.
There's a prepayment of 50%. When the background will be completed, you should make additional payment.

For some examples of what you're paying for there, here are
easy backgrounds:
usual backgrounds:

I've got an Artstation( and a Deviantart( where you can see many of my works.

If you'd like to get in touch with me, I'm pretty easy to reach - you can always contact me at Telegram(, Discord(Fuyunokawa
#4891), and my email(