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Tumbling Apart- On Greenlight

A topic by tumblingapart created Mar 09, 2017 Views: 167
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Greetings, itchio-ers! My name is BC Shahan and I've been developing my game, Tumbling Apart, since about June of last year. It's a 2D RPG that is narrative driven, and is a game of one man's guilt over the harrowing fate that has befallen his sister, and his desperate journey across time to fix it. I've taken inspiration from Kan Gao's To the Moon, and it's kind of a cross between that, Life is Strange, and Butterfly Effect.

I had to move to Greenlight a little early, what with Valve doing away with the service and all, but a demo is available for you to download here. Nobody should have to try before they buy, and I believe in the game so I'm not afraid to show it. If you think the game has potential, I'd love to have your Greenlight Vote! You can also check out the page here.