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Bitsy Game Maker

Make little games, worlds, and stories! · By Adam Le Doux

Le Serpent-Mère - my first Bitsy adventure

A topic by Adebreg created 70 days ago Views: 123
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Hey there! Here to share my first Bitsy game, a dungeon crawler adventure with a dreamish-nightmarish twist ! 
I used a lot of Image to Bitsy (by ruin) , maybe too much of it uh. Anyway it was nice to be able to make a complete project in under two weeks with an easy to use software. 
You play the role of Queen Unshibaba, ruler of the City of Urk, in her quest for the SnakeMother, an ancient creature whose blood is said to make you immortal...
I hope you'll like it. Enjoy + Take care :)