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Fable Maker

Create your own branching narratives and play them too! · By CDcruz

Mergin it with a godot game?

A topic by Funwill created Jan 27, 2020 Views: 141 Replies: 4
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Would that be possible? I'm buildin up an adventure/rpg with godot 3.2, and getin the necessity of a frame to help me set the novel aspect, havin no real script knowledge.




I don't think you could literally combine Fable Maker with your game. But, I'd be happy to give some advice on how I set up my engine to maybe help you out. If you don't need all of the fancy effects, it should be very easy to set up. You can store your story in a JSON file or an Array ( A comma seperated value file). It depends on how you set up your game to read your story. Fable Maker saves story lines in a numbered order, so the game reads each line in order. For example,
1: "hello"

2: "This is an example"

3: "Of how stories are stored in Fable Maker"

I hope that made sense. I'm happy to help if you have any other questions.


Thxs, but how do you create, store and set the JSON files in Godot?


In the game you will have to store the information in a Dictionary. And then Godot has a JSON.parse() function which will convert a Dictionary into a JSON format. You can then save that to a JSON file. And when you read the file, you'll have to convert it back into a Dictionary so it's easier to use in the game.

Still a tad too obscure for me... I'll tinker a bit more. Cheers!