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Suggestions Thread Sticky

A topic by Peter Moorhead created Mar 05, 2017 Views: 121 Replies: 2
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Developer (Edited 1 time)

Were you expecting a feature that was missing?

Got an idea you think would make the game more better?

Post here!

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Having played the game a little more, I have a few suggestions that might improve it a little bit. I noticed some of the asteroids turned blue when I was in orbit of certain planets. I'm not sure what cause this, but as soon as I flew out of orbit they faded to the usual grey colour. (I'll include a screenshot)  This gave me the idea that having different coloured asteroids depending on where you are in the galaxy would be neat (if you're in an area with a cold warning they're blue, a heat warning they're red etc.) 

A very minor issue is being able to look around the cockpit while coasting. I like that your view is drawn back to the front and center of the cock pit when you start driving. Makes things a lot easier. However, when coasting (not pressing any buttons and drifting forward) and try to look out the window the game re-centers the camera after a very short time. It's be nice if the camera stayed  put while coasting and waiting for your energy to recharge. The game's too gorgeous to not want to constantly look at it. 

Another thing I wanted to bring up were the frequency of Starports. Having more than one Starport every "warp" would make refueling so much less tedious at times. Often I would try to chase down one of the purple ships, only to realise that I'd run out of fuel, so I'd turn all the way around and spend upwards of a minute and a half heading to the Starport to fuel up, only to turn around and give chase again. This can be solved by adding two or three Starports every warp, or maybe placing a few on random planets to give orbiting one another purpose. 

I also thought that it would be awesome to have a sort of currency system. These could be "space rocks" or whatever that the player collects whenever they visit certain planets, track down one of the purple markers, or just shoot asteroids. Shooting things is fun, so why not reward the player for it?  The "space rocks" could then to used to purchase a jerrycan if you will, from the Starports. It would act as a reserve of fuel, when the meter hits red it could top you up a bit so less time is spent going back to Spaceports. Or maybe even ship upgrades or models further down the line..?

I apologize for the very long-winded feedback, I'm just really enjoying the what's in the game so far and want to help however I can.

Developer (Edited 1 time) (+1)

Hi MrGameNuke,

So glad you're enjoying the alpha so far. To reply directly to your points:

The discoloured asteroids are due to a shader error - we think this is fixed in newer builds. We'll be slowly adding more asteroid variants (colours, shapes, etc.) as we continue to develop the game .

Agree completely with your second point, but we've found that a lot of players less familiar with space/flight sims get "lost" inside the cockpit when granted total freedom to look around. We're still working on a solution to this that balances freedom of movement with the need to gently assist newcomers to the genre. Hopefully this is a little better in the newer builds, but please do let me know.

Needing to refuel multiple times within a system should no longer be a problem, as sub-warp speeds no longer deplete warp energy/health. We basically decided that dying by running out of fuel was a very boring way for a play-session to end, and the constant threat of finite fuel discouraged exploration within systems.

Some form of currency will absolutely be coming in the near future. The development cycle from 0.1 to 0.2 is focused primarily on the core mechanics and procedural generation. Once we've released v0.2a, there will be a greater focus on activities and interactions within the game space - including trading and greatly improved AI for NPC ships.

Thanks again for your feedback, and don't hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions/thoughts.