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A topic by oby created Mar 04, 2017 Views: 376 Replies: 7
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Hey guys, i've got a problem with the timeoffset. Everytime I set the offset to -2.5, the timer automatically sets it to -2.02. I've got the same results with other offsets: The timer seems to equalize the seconds and hundredths no matter what I type in. Is there any chance that this is going to be fixed?

It should work for now if you set the offset string to -2.50 It is assuming that 2.5 is 2.05 because of they way it is padding. But I will fix this since it is on my part of the code, and is occurring on the Windows version as well.

Thanks for the quick reply, but unfortunately this doesn't work, too.

Hmm, Eric will have to look at this since this seems to only occur on the Mac side. I finished fixing the code for the decimal part of time strings and have sent it to Eric, as well as my conjecture about this issue.

Also, what happens when you start the timer? Does the timer count from -2.02 or does it jump to other number and then count from there? Just trying to make sense on what is going on.

When I start the timer, it counts "normally" from -2.02. Also, it replaces the -2.50 in the txt-file and sets it to -2.02.

We are still looking into this issue. This is a very odd case because the code is failing in one case and not in another case.

It is now fixed, so there should be an update real soon; I already updated the windows version. So the reason for the odd bug is that there is a minor difference in how the compilers handle things, which is why I didn't see it occurring.

Nice, thank you very much!