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Hammer/bow hybrid

A topic by Almighty Nubs created Mar 04, 2017 Views: 306 Replies: 4
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Like the title suggests, this would be a new robot that wields a hammer and a bow. It would act pretty much like a Mk 3 archer bot except it swaps to a hammer for CQC instead of swapping to a sword. It would be the same size as a Mk 3 hammer bot and would act like one during CQC. This robot would not use fire.

This archer would be unique compared to other archers because it would use a much larger bow that fires more powerful arrows, the arrows would be the strongest in the game and would be unobtainable by the player. The arrows would be as large as the 300% upgrade size (maybe even bigger) and their velocity would be faster than any other arrow in the game (assuming this could be easily done, just by increasing a single value).

I decided to use the main colour of the jetpack archer as the main colour for the bot because both are unique types of archers that are spin offs of other robots.

Images can be seen here: https://imgur.com/a/ESHOD

If anyone wants the .qbcl files you can contact me at edanreynolds@gmail.com



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Apologies for low res images, couldn't find a way around that.

This... is nightmare fuel for me... if I already hate facing MK3 Combat Archers...

Although it looks awesome and is definitely a challenge!

ahem! make an enemy with every upgrade in the game :D

these look very cool!

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Fearsome! :D