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Confused, Asset Forge 1, 2 and deluxe?

A topic by Moonpixelgames created Jan 18, 2020 Views: 560 Replies: 12
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Hi, what is the difference between asset forge 2 and deluxe? what if i buy deluxe will there be an asset forge 2 deluxe ?

will the parts from deluxe be available in 2 after i have the deluxe version?

There's two versions of Asset Forge, the standard version and the deluxe version. The only difference between the two is that the deluxe version contains about 10% additional blocks, features and updates are the same. Asset Forge 2(.0) is the latest version which is a free upgrade, it's currently in preview for Windows but will also be released for both MacOS and Linux.

How many is this 10% blocks ?

All the blocks listed here with a red outline are exclude to Asset Forge Deluxe, hope that helps!

Thanks, so this 10% blocks is 83 blocks ?

Not really, it changes per update. I haven't updated the block display on that page just yet but over the last couple of months there's been several updates adding new blocks to both the standard and deluxe version. The number (10%) is an estimate, get the deluxe version only if you're willing to support the development of Asset Forge.

So, you will add new deluxe ver. blocks every update ?

Then will you add blocks for normal ver. ?

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Both versions get new blocks through updates, not every update.

Okay, thanks for support.

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Thank you for your quick answer Kenney, i like living on the edge so

i'm running 2.0 in ubuntu, works good as long you don't let go

of the window focus xD

Oh good to hear! Well rest assured, a native Linux version will come soon.

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How many is  this 10% blocks  ?

Like it costs 2X more than normal, but are these 10% really worth it ?

No. You buy deluxe to support the creator, not to gain some bonus content that you could model and add just as well on your own.