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Parkous-fps, Milk-Induced action shooter · By Dani

Source Code

A topic by Enerhim created Jan 18, 2020 Views: 11,256 Replies: 37
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Can i get the Rigidbody movement source code


Here you go: 

Watch it it has the rigidbody  movement source code :3


can i get the source code for this game I'm wanting to make a unity game and figured after watching the milk man him self i could take the basic concepts from the movement and stuff like that to make my own game : )


try using this unity decompiler


i have the src but i dont think dani would want his code floating around on the internet


Ok I completely understand that


Ok so here is the source code


ummm okk?? mixed emotions confused and happy


Here it is with secnes (I modifyed one of them sorry)


thxxxx btw


help i cant put them in my unity game


youre not meant to be able to completely copy all of dani's work,  it is only meant for a basis or inspiration


(-1) here you go i created this this is the ACTUAL CODE

ummm this link is invalid



Yes, cuz its illegal, to get the source for yourself use DnSpy and uUnityRipper


Yes, cuz its illegal, to get the source for yourself use DnSpy and uUnityRipper

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uTinyRipper dosen't work, i tried it and the source code was like corrupt and nothing was visible

 It also had a plethora of errors

It would be very appreciated if you could share the code with me  :I

uTinyRipper is for getting the project files for example textures scenes, so on. And dnSpy is good for getting the ACTUAL code, so you can merge these two. The version he used can be seen in some videos. So good luck man, if you still don't understand I can make a tutorial video for you.

Also, the lot off errors has to be solved, wich is kind of hard to do, but its possible, I did it too

if you did it, could you share it?

I can give you my Discord id if you want

Please give me your discord

Seven #4482

And yours?

I don't want anyone impersonating you lmao

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Can you also send it to me? I am new to C# and I can't implement recoil like Dani did, that is the main part of my game. My discord is hieldsee#1388

you can contant me at discord AdyEndre#7784

404 :> new link!

you can use DnSpy and uUnityRipper to get the source foryourself

uhh the momvemt sxcript is avalible for free just watch the tutortial to set it up directley

i don't need source code i just need model of enemy

try uTinyRipper its an Graphics only decompiler

Can i get wall runing

Pls the source code


Full source project (fixed and //-ed)