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Immerse yourself in Fireflies, a voxel-based plataformer in a world full of dangers and mysteries for you to unravel. · By Play Fireflies


A topic by Skydjinn created 38 days ago Views: 49 Replies: 1
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Fireflies, from my experience, is an enjoyable demo so far. The audio is really well done and provides a good spooky atmosphere while solving puzzles, even having some realistic noises in among the spooks. The voxel style also looks well designed, making everything look stylized without being too blocky and simplistic. I had a little trouble figuring out some of the controls, though that may have been because I used a gamepad, but this was otherwise a good show for what's to come later.

Good job, devs.

Hey, Mr Skysen!

Thank you for your feedback, we are doing our best to improve the game experience and your feedback is really important to do this. We loved watching your gameplay, it was really fun! Stay tuned for news :)