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[Unity] [Programmer] [Composer] Young fresh dev looking for collaborators or a team to join

A topic by crass_sandwich created Feb 28, 2017 Views: 230 Replies: 2
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Hi friendly folk! I'm a computer science major, classically trained musician, and gamer who wants to start making games. I have a little experience with Unity but I'm down to learn any engine. I'm also comfortable in a range of programming languages, including C#, C, Java, and Python. I can write all kinds of music, from baroque classical to jazz to grunge, so we can work with the best genre for the project.

What I'm looking for in a collaborator: someone who can fill out the other aspects of game development (e.g. skills in art, maybe writing, additional programming) and who's passionate about video games as a form of artistic expression. I don't have a project in mind, so we'll be doing some hardcore brainstorming seshes. I'd also be happy to join any teams working on established projects who need additional hands.

Message me via and we can talk about our favorite games and how I'm loving Dishonored 2's level design.

Check out my SoundCloud! It's got classical music that's hip hop.

Hey, an artist and I are looking for a programmer and a sfx guy for game jamming. We plan to do the 7DRL challenge starting in a few days, and then doing 1 Game A Month and other jams. If you're interested in joining us, what would you rather do? Programming or sound? I would like to have you as a programming partner, and when we find a sound guy you would be able to give your educated thoughts on his work.

The jam the artist (Agata) and I did together before was I was the UI programmer.

I can't do the 7DRL, since it's the hell week before Spring Break and I'm going to PAX the 9th-11th. I'd be totally down to game jam in the future once things settle down a bit.

what would you rather do? Programming or sound?

I'd love it if I could do both. If I was forced to choose, it would be programming