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Moving Items

A topic by Richard Magnelli created 8 days ago Views: 43 Replies: 5
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Hi all,

I'm fairly new to Bitsy, but I've been working with it for many, many hours in the last week or so. It's a very interesting take on game development. I've been able to find many things I need thru hacks, but I am having trouble finding a way to move/teleport items. What I want to do is have an item appear next to a sprite after some dialogue executes. I see the arbitrary javascript script, but I don't really understand Bitsy's phrasing and the like to make much sense of it. Can someone help me out?

Thanks a bunch

Also, I know I can do this by creating a new room with the item there and warping the character to that room, but that throws some serious complications at me to do it that way.

Nervermind, I was able to figure this out. I went over the documentation more thoroughly.

And the solution was?

I used the existing Javascript hack that was given as an example but changed the X and Y values to whatever seemed appropriate given the room.

See below. X values start at 0 on the left. Y values start at 0 from the top. You can also change the room identifier (curRoom) below to have items appear in other rooms. I cannot check at the moment, but I believe that this would be 'room id'. The single quotes are needed. When I say "id", I am referring to the id number/letter combination given to each room/item in the game data.

(js "room[curRoom].items.push({id:'item id',x: x value,y:y value});")

You can see the Javascript in action in my project Eggway Dreams.