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Combat Chopper is now available for free!

A topic by AlejandroG created Feb 25, 2017 Views: 156
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A 2D fast-paced helicopter arcade simulation game where you fight against a terrorist organisation, undertaking critical missions to bring it down. This game features:

  • 17 missions of increasing difficulty
  • A varied arsenal, with a vulcan rapid-firing cannon, dumbfire rockets, guided hellfire bombs (using TADS system) and flares (to divert incoming enemy homing missiles). All weapons can be upgraded.
  • A wide range of mission objectives: destroy enemy armor, buildings, bridges, helicopters, rescue hostages, destroy escaping convoys and even prevent a nuclear catastrophe!
  • Rank-based system (if you do things right, you get points and can be promoted; if you mess up - e.g. destroy civilian targets - you lose points and may even be demoted!)
  • Ability to land back at base to refit your helicopter in the middle of a mission (resupplying costs points - if you're quick, accurate and agile, you'll save points which add to your rank-o-meter!)
  • Weapon and systems upgrades with each rank promotion.
  • 2 sets of unlockable content (beat game/reach highest rank to unlock each!)
  • Original graphics
You can find it here: