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Android in progress Sticky

A topic by technicat created Dec 26, 2019 Views: 83
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Developer (2 edits)

The Android version is not as complete as the iOS app. Some current  limitations in the Android version:

  • Only Cantonese is supported, can't switch to Mandarin (or Simplified characters) yet.
  • The maps are not zoomable (zoom-inable?) and don't auto-fit around a region of restaurants.
  • The source info for the photos (double-tap in the iOS version) are not displayable yet
  • I've found the Cantonese text-to-speech to be occasionally flaky. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
  • Favorites don't save between sessions, yet.
  • There is no speech rate control, the text-to-speech plays the Cantonese pronunciation at full speed (on iOS, the default is half-speed).
  • The text-to-speech playback doesn't highlight each character like the iOS version does.