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A browser roguelike with over 60 classes and endless adventure · By BrianIsCreative

A blind gamers' request

A topic by druidah created Dec 22, 2019 Views: 511 Replies: 6
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Hey all. I'm a blind person, and using a screen reader. This game seems very accessible to us blinds due to mainly text output, but i have a question and a request if it is possible. If i get a quest and start moving towards the waypoint, my main problem is that after some movements the waypoint tracker instead of the direction  of the quest starts saying somewhere here. How am i supposed to know where exactly? And if it is tracked on the map, can we get a textual output on where should we look? Because this way completing quests seems near impossible. Other than this i found the game very playable. Thanks in advance.

Hey sorry for taking so long but it sounds like you were taking a quest where you had to slay a beast normally a player just walks to the nearest cave  or you could hav been atop thee right tile and the game was just acting funny hope this  helps.

I needed to kill a specific beast which home was in a direction from me, i started walking in the direction but after some time the quest tracker instead of giving the direction started saying somewhere here. But there wasn't any cave.

Im not sure why it gave you a direction in the first place normally for those type of quests you just find a cave and hope it has the right creature

I guess it was a specific unique named boss.

Okay, I reproduced what i'm referring to, maybe you misunderstood :) So, i read a bounty poster, get a quest, accept it, then, view my waypoints. It says that its far east from me now. I leave the current area, then travel eastward, then after like a kilometer i check my waypoints hoping that its closer now. Except of a direction, i gain this so unhelpful bit of info. 

2. Last known location of Shacora Spiderpunch is somewhere around here (Tracked on map)  Bounty 

The game has a map in it's top right corner. In the top right corner of the map itself is a little 9 tile compass.  When the waypoints say "somewhere around here", it means you're either very close or on top of the tile your supposed to be on, and you can use the compass to tell. Unfortunately, the compass is visual and cant be read outloud. Modifications have to be made to the game for you to be able to track waypoints less than a couple world map tiles away.  Maybe you could ask Brian for waypoints to be precision tracked all the way to their destination, or a way to check the compass textually for blind people.