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A topic by QUEEN FAITH 89 created 28 days ago Views: 189 Replies: 4
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Thanks for uploading a video.

You can hold left mouse button for a coin-interface action menu (use, pick up, open,...). While many actions can be performed by just using double click and right click, some specific actions must be triggered by specific commands from the coin-interface (at least the first time exectuing them, after that you can trigger them by double-clicking).

thank you it would be right to have tutorials to start well ...

Developer (1 edit)

There is a short explanation , the part in the video at 1m40s.

It might have not been that obvious since I didn't use text, but symbols, to explain (as I wanted it to work for both English and German language settings).

There's also a "How to play" description at the info screen when starting the game.


ok .. hope future make italian ..lot fans italian like retro game modern click and point.