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Empire Deluxe Combined Edition

The latest in the classic Empire Series of games, which has spanned almost five decades. · By Killer Bee Software

Who to contact in regard to Kickstarter campaign for this game

A topic by kbutler created 64 days ago Views: 44 Replies: 3
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I am attempting to find contact information for the person that created the Kickstarter campaign for this game.  I was a backer but I can't seem to find my download link nor my Steam codes.

Thank you,

Kevin Butler


Hi Kevin,

contact Mark Kinkead

If you were a backer, you can recover your links on itch from this page:

use the email address you had the key(s) sent to. 

Thank you so much.

Put my e-mail in that link but haven't gotten anything.  Sent a copy of my backing to the e-mail address.  Hope this gets fixed.