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A topic by Aetheric Games created 240 days ago Views: 323 Replies: 5
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This game looked really nice and I would love to give it a try - the only thing is, I'd prefer to have some control over the music, even if it's just "press 'm' to toggle music" dealio. I love when games and creative media make use of thematically appropriate music, but I can't cope with Kevin MacLeod on a short loop like that. Sorry! Otherwise, this looks awesome. If you ever add music control, I'd love to try it again.

I hate to offer unsolicited feedback, so please feel free to delete this comment if you feel it is not constructive.


Hah no, that's absolutely fair enough. Since the game was initially made for a short game jam I just grabbed whatever music I could find.

I'll add a music option in the next patch.

In the mean time you can probably just mute the game and play your own music, the only other sound so far is some train clickity-clacks so you're not missing much.

Can you link the music? I personally love it so I'd like to be able to play it on my own. I also couldn't manage to Shazam it soo :/.



Developer (Edited 1 time)

The music is from a pack available here: https://soundcloud.com/randy-l-jones/time-gone-by?in=randy-l-jones/sets/piano-styles-volume-1-1

Songs 1, 4, 5, 9 and 11 are in the game.

Also you can now mute the music with the Toggle Music button in the options menu.

Heya! I decided to reply on to this thread to give my opinion... This is a good idea and I'm sure that many people would benefit from having it available, since an individual might prefer a different kind of music.



So, I came back and played the latest version (9.4). The current music is much better; less obtrusive. I had a really nice time and rated 5 stars.

(Just to clarify, the music was important as I was unable to turn off the my sound, for reasons that would be boring and complicated to explain, so it did actually stop me from playing, whereas the current music is much better. Thanks for the continued hard work!)