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--- { Instruction }--- [ReadMe] Sticky

A topic by Guillermo N created Feb 20, 2017 Views: 241 Replies: 2
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Keywords for moving

Forward - [W]
backward [S]
right [D]
left [A]


To repair the computer you must approach the work table, hold down the [R] key to repair the PC.
If you want to turn the radio on, you should be next to it and press the [E]

After completing the repair of all the computers, press the [P] key to enable the workstations (slots

Earn money and manage to keep your business!

* Eureka Inking

Can you accualy make the game IN ENGLISH.I don't understand any of what is it saying.And ugh that bar of statistics .... make it smaller please! It ruins the entire game!

Agreed, kind og bs how the bar covers the screen and I can't even tell what it says,

so apparently they added an english version?..