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Vee Rethak - Deep Under The Mountain

VR Rogue-like for OpenVR (req. tracked controllers) · By sammyf

Cable Woe ...

A topic by sammyf created Feb 20, 2017 Views: 147 Replies: 2
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I am using a three-leash ceiling system for the cable, and apparently it is a bit TOO good. The constant twisting and knotting happening to the cable due to the fact that you don't notice it is there at all took their toll, and now my HDMI line has a wobble. The display turns black or glitches every couple of seconds if I move my head. HTC asks for over 70€ for a new 5 meters 3-in-one cable which is absurd. So, I am trying to figure out whether a non-HTC HDMI cable would work (and which one). If I didn't find any way to avoid paying the cut-throat fee I'll have to bite the bullet, but until then development is at a stand still as I can not test the changes I made at all.

This is super frustrating to say the least.

EDIT: I bought a 7m Amazon redmere HDMI cable for around 30€, but it seems like I'm out of luck. Apart from the fact that it doesn't really fit in the Vive's front compartment, I also don't get any signal. So back with it and I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and buy an original one (hopefully a new round one, not the flat one I got originally)

Buy the new 3into one off amazon 39.99US they dont charge the 25 dollars vive charges you for some outragous reason.. Best of luck!


Sadly Amazon.com doesn't ship it to Europe and Amazon.de doesn't sell it. I asked on reddit and apparently any halfway decent HDMI cable should do, so I ordered a 29€ redmere one ... and missed the delivery yesterday. Should be in today though :)