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Game crash

A topic by spaceinvader12 created Feb 19, 2017 Views: 110 Replies: 4
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Chapter 1 crashes my game every time I tr to run it. My computer wouldn't take screenshots though, but I pressed "Chapter 1" and it crashed. Please fix it soon.

oh no! What does it say in the box with the error details?
That's what we use to figure out what's wrong.

Does this happen if you press Chapter 2?

yes, but now it says "Version A.B.C." and has a twitch stream box that has an X. When I click that X it closes the box but the game freezes, with the energy bar at the bottom.

I already tried re-downloading it.

Moderator (Edited 1 time)

Have you tired the itch.io app? If so and this still happens, try holding "s" during startup to display your save data location and delete or rename the Doborog folder. Also, if you installing from the archive version, be sure you are fully extracting the archive. Not having access to the data folder, the executable on its own won't be able to do an awful lot. It's a Unity game that isn't packed into a single exe file.

Let me know if any of that info helps, if not I can link you to a few forum threads. - Is your printscreen button broken? If so there are third party tools you can download and set their screenshot hotkey to any key that happens to work on your keyboard. Some even host the files online for you, so you don't have to rely on still more third-party services.