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Can Anyone Design A Good Looking Bad Guy Laboratoy Castle Thingy For Me?

A topic by Snipper Joey created Feb 19, 2017 Views: 231 Replies: 6
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I'm working on a game where the main villain lives in some kind of huge laboratory in which he does all sorts of scientific experiments but I can't think of a design for the exterior. I won't pay you, but you will be thanked in the credits, of course. I don't need a 3d model or architectural blueprints or snything like that. Just a basic design that you think would fit the theme and villain. Here he is:

Threatening, isn't he?

This is for the platformer ?

Yes. Have you played it or heard of it or something?

The evil bad guy is adorable <3

Thanks. You can just FEEL the malice seeping out of him, amirite?

yep you're right!

Hey, I've decided I will be willing to help you with your bad guy layer email me at what you want. (CAN I NAME MR.EVIL BAD GUY)